Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sammy's 2nd Bday!

Still catching up! The weekend after Mother's Day we headed to Riverside to celebrate Sammy's 2nd birthday! It was so much fun! Tawny and Joe had thought of everything.... there was a big pool, baby pool, all the fun water toys, great food, and tons of fun people to hang out with. Sammy was adorable and quite the little dare devil when it came to the water. Here are some pictures of the day. Too bad I have none AGAIN of their new baby Travis or of Tawny, Troy or Joe. But I do have a picture of me! Oh goes! Oh yes, in all of Lucy's water pictures from now on, she will have hot orange ear plugs. This is due to the tubes she got put in her ears. We must make sure that NO water gets in her ears.
Lucy hanging out with her new friend Jack.

Chowing down on goldfish.,..takes after her momma. ( there is always time to sit and eat!!)

Some of the party attenders.

Soo all the girls were very animated. Lucy looks like she is mad, but really I think she was just talking to Sammy. They were HILARIOUS to watch!
Sammy laying back and Lucy getting in and and out...we ended up buying this same exact pool because Lucy LOVES it so much!
Lucy, Charlotte and Sammy chatting it up!

Sammy had a Dora cake!

Mmm was it good! Here she is with her grandpa
She did a great job with the pinata! I didn't get a picture of Taylor, she is another sweet girl that is around Lucy's age. Next time!
I tell you, it has been so fun to hang out with our friends is so neat to share in all the fun with our kids together. What a great time of life this is!

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Tawny said...

Great pictures!!!! I'm so happy that you got one of the whole party and of Sammy licking her fingers :) LOVE it! Okay, so yes, look at your calendar, do you guys have anything going on the 13 or 14th? Lets put a date on the calendar to get together!


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