Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day

Before the kids woke up! Presents for Lucy in pink and presents for Stetson in blue! Santa is so clever!

Haha...Troy took this of me after he put the presents under the tree. He worked so hard wrapping and displaying everything....and I sawed logs!

Santa ate the dessert we left him , the milk, and the reindeers enjoyed thier carrots! Santa even left a napkin that he wiped his mouth on!
Lucy was soo patient! We didn't allow her to open anything until Stetson woke up! I know it won't be like that after this we decided to try it, and she agreed! She sat on her new beanbag from Santa and watched TV until he woke up.
We had soo much fun opening presents! Stetson being 6 months still LOVED IT!

This was the first Christmas being married that we didn't go to Lynda and Steve's on Christmas morning, so she made her wonderful eggs benedict and we got to reheat them at home.

Putting her fake nails on that were in her stocking! She thought they were soo cool!
I had to get a picture of Stetson playing with the heating vent. Lucy showed him how to do this and he does it everytime he passes it!

Painting her nails with new nail polish! she is pretty good at it!
Using her new Tangled blanket!
Testing out the new dollhouse!
This picture was taken Christmas night when we went over to Lynda and Steve's.

Lucy took some shots...she really is turning out to be a great photographer!

Bryce and Kara with the blanket we made them!

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