Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bathroom Re Do!

Our project over Christmas break was to redo our bathroom. We were given a lot of money towards it from Troy's mom and dad for Christmas!!! Sooo exciting! So here is our nasty bathroom beforehand. We forgot to take pictures of the floral wallpaper border that was up, but I am kind of glad we did!

Parts out!

Lucy had a ton of fun painting!

Paint done, new flooring in.

We actually had planned to get a nicer sink vanity but the placement of our pipes led this to be our only option. Long story. It was rather depressing ( I loved the one we had chosen) but I wasn't in the mood to try and move pipes!

Ta da! My husband is AMAZING!! Last on the list that we haven't done, is add the baseboards. They are in our kitchen waiting to be cut and just has been a busy month!

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