Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Pictures Lately

Lots of ice cream has been eaten in this household lately! Potty training doesnt help! haha! Good cheap bribe!

I guess Troy and Lucy do this a lot when he takes her to get ice cream in the day time when I am at work. They let Stetson sit in his carseat but talk to him while they are eating. So sad that he is allergic to dairy and cant eat any!
Talking a Sat morning walk.
Date night!!!
Hanging out watching the boob tube!
WAY too many puffs!

I love how many are stuck to his arms!
My cuddle bug! My favorite thing to do with her in the morning before work is to give BIIIIIIIIG hugs! We do it all morning while I am getting ready.
And of course add some sillies in!

Pretending to sleep!
Pretending to be mad.
Drinking her milk after finishing cereal.

Ditto ( Lucy took this picture )
Helping wash dishes! This 3 year old age is VERY difficult. Hardest yet with her, but there are SUCH rewarding moments in there too that I NEVER want to forget!

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