Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lucy turned 3!!!

We had the MOST amazing day ( haha I say we because WE really did! ) I think Troy and I might have had more fun than Lucy! She woke up and came down to the kitchen.....and jumped right up onto the table where I had her princess plates and candles for her cake.
She loved her balloon bouquet!
And the princess candles!
I got her powdered donuts ( her favorite ) and she devoured those while Troy and I got ready. We then got her ready and woke up Stet, and were out the door to Disneyland!
We rushed ( DISNEYLAND WAS PACKED!) to a 9:30am appt at the Bippity Boppity Boutique for Lucy to get the royal treatment! Beware: LOTS of pictures to follow!

She got her hair done, her nails done, and her make up!!! She did SO well too! I was a little scared how she would react to all of this getting done, but she LOVED it!
Here she is choosing what make up colors to have them put on her.

Sooooo pretty!!! Even shimmery lip gloss to boot!

Here she was getting "sprinkles" ( her term ) or glitter all over her...
Ta da!!!!

She got to wear a birthday sash as well! she wore it the WHOLE day, and even the next day!

Lucy's favorite picture of the day!!! She is even holding Snow White's hand!!! Precious! I am framing this one for her and putting it in her room.
We were there from about 9am-3pm...and we needed to head back home to rest up and have dinner and have grandparents over for cake and presents! Here are Lucy and Stet outside the huge Disney store in Downtown Disney. I tried getting some cute pictures of them....but Stetson wasn't too interested. Here he is grabbing her sash..or trying to. I will not put up the picture of her pushing him away when she noticed he was doing that!

My little how I adore him!
And my precious princess daughter....who is just too cute for words lately!! ( and potty trained! another post !)
We allowed her to choose one thing from Disneyland she wanted ( well other than the fact that we let her eat whatever she wanted..if she pointed to it that day, we bought it and ate it ----yum yum! ) She chose a collection of Tangled characters. We have already made a "castle" out of a cardboard box for them at home.
We then got home and frosted Lucy's cupcake. I love that she wants these big cupcakes to celebrate with! Sooo easy and delicious! Lucy helped frost and decorate it.

We then went to In N Out ( her request ) for dinner....
Then came home to open presents! Here are my mom and Troy's mom with the birthday girl!
Here is Lucy painting Lynda's toes with the paint she got from the Bippity Boppity Boutique.

Stetson man just chillin'

Singing Happy Birthday

And presents!

Daddy is happy about this present....

They even have been to the golf course twice already together! Cute pics to come of that as well!
Lucy had to get some "shot" time in with her new doctors kit.
And Stetson was just as happy as could be that day! Awesome baby boy!
Happy Birthday Lucy girl!!! We love you!

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Abby said...

Oh my gosh you know I am dying right now!! Seriously that is the cutest birthday ever!! This is why I need a girl!

So glad Lucy had a happy birthday!!! If you ever go again I better get a phone call. :)


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