Sunday, January 2, 2011

Golfing pair

Lucy and Troy took their clubs out for a spin last week. Here are some shots of them at the range. The next time they went they went alone and practiced some putting . Here they are ready to go!

Getting balls for the range.
Even though it was FREEZING, Stetson did a great job watching them play! ( I know I know don't judge the fact that he isn't wearing any socks....its my downfall, I always forget to put them on the kiddos )

Whoo hoooo she made great contact with the ball in this picture.


Brooks, Nikki and Marley said...

How cute is that?!? I love her little clubs =)

Crystal and Kyle said...

Happy Late Birthday Lucy! What a cute picture with her and all of the other princesses. She looked adorable. Kyle told me about these little golf clubs. That's so fun, some quality daddy daughter time, I bet lucy loved it. You guys should come to St. George in February over the holiday so we can see you!!

Jessica said...

It think it's pretty stinkin' adorable that Lucy plays golf :)


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