Monday, December 3, 2007

My shower :)

Bling Binky! Thanks to Andrea :) And even to match our colors!
A handmade blanket from Lynda Gale. We received one for our wedding and now one for our daughter! She is such a wonderful person! I can't imagine sitting down long enough to make one of these, let alone one for every occasion for everyone you know! HOW SWEET! This is what we are taking to the hospital to bring her home in.
Of course she would already have Angels gear!
Leopard outfit with red accessories! What could be better?
Cowgirl at heart! That's her takin after Daddy already!
The theme....:)

We had the BEST salad...and chips and dip!
Just a sample of the gifts! We are so lucky! Lucy is so lucky to have so many people care about her!
How adorable is this basket? Thanks to Auntie Crystal!!

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