Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dr. Appt. Update

Nothing too exciting. I am 3 cm dialated now...and probably still 80% effaced..she didnt add any more numbers to that so I am guessing it is the same. I was 2 cm last week, fingertip 2 weeks before that...Lucy sure is getting ready but being stubborn at the same time. If only she would come before Christmas, then we could enjoy it together! And as a family of 3!! The doc said there is a 50% chance of seeing her next Friday at my appt. Well that doesn't give us much hope! Let's just pray for a happy healthy delivery and baby, and maybe praying for my comfort a little would add so much to the holiday season for me and everyone I live with! HAH! Now if I can just sleep a little tonight. Dr. said I could take Benedryl so I am going to do that. The last few nights have been HORRIBLE! I will update and let ya'll know!


krista said...

hang in there....i know the end is rough! she will be here soon and the aches, pains and discomforts will be quickly forgotten :)
i hope she comes soon...i can't wait to see her sweet lil face!

krischelle & jacob said...

welp, if Lucy doesn't come before the new year, at least you'll start the new year with a new addition!!! WOO!!! (bytheway, still got your shower gift lol)

p.s. i hope you get SOME sleep!!! cuz you know you won't be getting any when Lucy gets here! hahah ;) j/k hope all goes well with the delivery!

carolemead said...

Heh Shermans:

We are home from Denver now, so Lucy can be born.
She was waiting for me to get home you know! Have a wonderful new year - it will be a most awesome year for you and your family.

Love, Carole


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