Sunday, January 6, 2008

Arrival of Lucy Addison Sherman!

Ok so I did this whole post backwards..I am not really computer literate. All of my text is at the bottom...and all of my pictures go chronologically BACKWARD! The first pictures are at the bottom...and the most recent at the top! Oh well at least they are on!!!

Waiting to go for her first dr. appt at 4 days old.


Snuggly...waiting to go for our first outing!

My precious daughter!

Smiling at 3 days old

In her swing for the first time!

On the way home!!!

Troy is a natural :)

Her first bath at the hospital

Grandma Lynda holding Lucy for the first time

Proud Grandpas

Momma getting to hold Lucy for the first time!!

Grandma Patty

7 lbs 11oz

My wonderful husband who was so supportive! This was at some point during labor.....

Well I am officially the WORST at blogging...but thats ok because I have an excuse! LUCY IS HERE!!! She came into this world on December 27th at 9:54am. She was 7lbs 11oz. and 21 inches. Life is now complete for Troy and I. We had no idea HOW MUCH FUN it would be with a daughter. Yes there are sleepless nights...but who the heck cares!?!?! It's because we are taking care of our adorable little one!

Labor you ask? Well it was 19 hours...started at Target on the 26th in the middle of the afternoon...we headed to Kaiser Lakeview at around 6ish, remember this is 6 at night! Got the epidural which DIDN'T DO A THING AFTER 7centimeters!!! ......I started pushing at about 6 in the morning....and did a good 3 1/2 hours of pushing with no success. We had to have a little help from the doctors and use a vacuum to get her out ( it was either that or a C-Section---no thanks!)Turns out she was also face up....which is considered back labor and is VERY painful as well. Soooo I am hoping to find out exactly what went wrong with my a little problem that by the time we want to have another child this does not happen. Some thoughts could be : they didnt consider my height with the amount of medicine they put in, that my scoliosis played a factor, that the dr. who put it in just didnt do it right....( she tried it 4 times!) . I need a little piece of mind with this situation so that I am ok with getting pregnant in the future!

But so far life as a mom is so wonderful! I am totally weepy at every little thing she does or even little things I poems about kids...or commercials with kids in them. One cannot describe how great it feels to have someone be so dependent on be the only one who can truly calm another little life. :)

So bear with me...I am trying my best to be a diligent took me over two hours to post this because the computer wouldnt let me upload images...and when it did it would do funky things to them...its taking a lot longer than it should!! Stay tuned for more to come!


Trapp Family said...

She is soooo cute I need to come see you again, it has been a week!!! I am so glad that you finally posted pictures...I love blogging!!!!!

krista said...

She is so beautiful and I am so glad that you are loving being a momma. Thanks for the pictures...I was waiting not very patiently :) Enjoy this time with you sweet lil Lucy!

krischelle & jacob said...

okay so i am totally in love with these pictures! I especially love the one where Lucy is smiling!!!!! Jacob and I both think she is ADORABLE!!! and just so you know, Addison was a name I was considering along with Savannah. :)

scpcrath said...

Congratulations! Lucy is beautiful! Enjoy mommyhood it's the best! (This is Cari, Abby's aunt)


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