Monday, January 14, 2008

Mike's bday party

Yesterday we went to Livi and Gidget's house to celebrate my brothers 19th birthday and to have Lucy and Logan meet for the first time. Logan was born 4 days after Lucy! They are destined to be married is what most people were saying yesterday. We had so much fun! Here are some pictures.....bear with me because everything is still backward for me...I dont understand how to post pictures in order of when they happened!

Grandpa Steve at the end of the night after the bday party....taking advantadge of Grandma not being home and holding Lucy as long as possible! His words? " GRANDMA WHO????"

Another adorable Daddy/Daughter shot

Uncle Mike( my brother ) with Lucy

My brother about to blow out the 19 candles!

Aren't they adorable?

My brother when he got the cake...I am so out of order I apologize!

Melissa and Gidget holding Logan and Lucy...Matt, Livi, and Eddie admiring their cuteness :)

We didn't pose them like this with their binky's just happened! I swear!

Logan trying to suck on Lucy's was HILARIOUS! He tries to suck on anything he her head was in the right place at the right time!

The paparazzi! It was awesome! And the babies were soooo good!

Logan wasn't too happy ....Lucy on the other hand.....

Looking like a model..she knows how to pose for the camera...even when she is sleeping.

Lucy liked Logan's swing! Better than her own! Its all those bright colors I am guessing.

Troy getting to hold Logan
Practicing their yawning skills

Daddy/daughter....Troy can be caught in this pose many times throughout the day!


krista said...

very cute pictures sarah :)
she's such a doll.
you can move your pictures around after you upload them. just drag them around where you want them to go.

Trapp Family said...

I LOVE that outfit so stinking cute....maybe one of these days we will get together...or atleast talk on the phone!!!!

carolemead said...

Your brother sure looks great, college life is really agreeing with him. Lucy REALLY looks adorable, but then again, look at her parents. This internet thing is so awesome to be able to see her do her daily baby thing. I really miss talking to you, but want you to spend time with your family. Lori, Jen and I are trying to work out when we can come down and see you and just quite possibly steal that cute baby, or at least hold her. Take good care.
Love ya, Carole


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