Friday, January 11, 2008

I told you I would be better at blogging! Twice in one week!

My mom comes over to visit us 1-2 times a week....we don't even really need to talk to her..she just sits and stares at Lucy...funny..we all kind of do that! :)

Lucy meeting her great-grandparents! ( Troy's grandparents who live in Sun City). We had a outing this day to visit the great-grandparents and The Brinks in Corona. We needed to get out of the house! Cabin fever! Lucy enjoyed the ride...she was really good..we even went over Ortega! I learned on this trip what it is like to feed a baby in a car. Not the most fun thing ever. Especially when you are in a Mc Donald's parking lot!

Troy learned that this is a great hold to calm Lucy. It is one of the 5 S's from the book, The Happiest Baby on the Block. Great book! Thanks to my uncle for sharing that with us.

Our first outing with Lucy ( other than the Dr.'s office) She was 1 week and 1 day old. We went to Panera for lunch, then to Target ( where mom and dad felt SO COOL to be pushing a stroller---funny how things change!) and then met my mom and went to the Mission Viejo Lake. Here we played cards...or at least started to play cards...then Lucy took our attention and the game was off. She is just too cute for us not to give 100% attention to!

Here is where Lucy needed a diaper change at the lake and it took 3 of us to complete it. Well maybe just Troy but my mom and I like to help! ( Troy would rather we not!) Men!

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krischelle & jacob said...

okay so when I first saw that picture of your mom, I TOTALLY thought it was you! great pictures by the way! and congratulations for being a good blogger! 2 times in a week! haha


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