Friday, January 8, 2010

21 weeks

Soo I have been really bad this time around at posting ANYTHING about pregnancy, what can I say? The second time around is SO different. You are SO busy with your first that a lot of things just go by too quickly. I am going to try and post each week now with a picture and a little update of how I am doing. This may seem very boring to most, but this will be my little journal. Feel free to skip it. I didnt journal, take notes, jot anything down, nor take real weekly pictures with Lucy so at least I can do it with this one.

So, if you havent already figured it out, I AM PREGNANT! We found out in September after one month of "real " trying. We started the month before, but really didnt think about the dates and how to "time" it until the next month. ( August ) The second we thought about the dates and when would be the optimal time to conceive, BAM it worked. Troy had to talk me into even trying, but I am glad he did.

I am now officially 21 weeks along. My original due date was May 31st. Then the first ultrasound I had the dr. said May 26th, then the "big " ultrasound I had at 18 weeks moved it to May 21st. It is either a big baby, or we maybe conceived earlier than we thought. Oh well, moving the due date up is GREAT!

Things to remember so far about this pregnancy:

- Only being "really" sick for two weeks. After that I realized how to control it with food.
- Controlling it with food made me gain a ton of weight right away so I am going to TRY to be better over the next little while, but I am doomed to just gain more and more
-Having a bagel and cream cheese at 6:30am, then two packets of oatmeal at 8am, then a banana and ruffles at 9:45am, then wheat thins and cheese at 10:20am....and that was all before LUNCH! Yikes! That made up my ritual from like 7 weeks to maybe 15 weeks.
- Having to pee all the time since like 6 weeks! Sucks I tell you!
- Having tons of friends at work who are either trying to conceive or already pregnant, there will be a lot of CJ Morris new kiddos this year!
- Having like EVERY friend having a BOY!
- Emotional times with a dear friend who was about the same as me and miscarried. ( learning a lot from her blogs and talking with her)
-Finding out at 13 weeks at our favorite place in Costa Mesa that it was a BOY! and driving to Utah that night and talking the whole way about it and names.
-Feeling GREAT ( not as tired and finally able to eat mexican food at 18 weeks)

21 week update

-Feeling like I am 8 months pregnant for some reason ( the ab muscles are GONE)
-Lower back pain!
-Can't wear high shoes anymore ( trying to find cute flats with no money isnt fun)
-This little man is VERY active and is kicking and doing somersaults....I seriously feel like I can feel him spinning and stretching.
- Had a looong night last week thanks to the digestive system ...changing....I will leave it at that!


STEPH said...

Awww, I love hearing about lil' Stetson! Can't wait to meet that little man!

ryansmom said...

A ton of weight, where??? It doesn't look like you've gained a pound.

krista said...

you look great. and you made me cry. thank you for walking through this journey with me.

Kevin and Mary said...

You are itty bitty! Boys an girls: They are both wonderful in completely different ways. You'll see! Are you planning number 3 yet?

Krischelle and Jacob said...

CONGRATS!!! heheh i'm still laughing about how you stated Troy had to talk you into trying! Very excited for little Sherman baby #2!

Tawny said...

You look adorable! Love your bump! You go girl, only 1 month of trying!!!

KFuj said...

Our stories are so similar. One month of trying for us (once we got the math right) too!

I see this was over a week ago where is week 22. You look amazing! Boys are very active, Kyle is kicking/punching me all the time. I'm so excited our boys will be so close in age!!


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