Friday, January 8, 2010

Lucy's REAL Birthday

Lucy's birthday falls two days after Christmas. Last year we celebrated on the actual day with a big party because it was her first and it was a Saturday. This year on her real bday we did little things with her, then had a family dinner, then the next weekend we had a family birthday party. I think it all went really well!

Here are her presents before she woke up: ( she did better at opening them and not being overwhelmed like Christmas a week prior)
I am vowing to NEVER bake again. Although it was only for family this thing is hideous!!! Lucy loved it though and that is what matters!
Lucy first opening her make up bag. YES I know she is only 2. I gave her a set of brushes and some old containers of mine that were emptied. She plays with them ALL the time at her vanity. Its adorable, except when she STILL goes to my drawer and ruins my brand new make up. hehe

Then we asked what she wanted for breakfast and she said, " BAGELS!!!!" So, we went and she got herself a chocolate chip bagel.

Lucy seeing her cake for the first time....
Then we went to go see the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. We got candy and popcorn, the whole shebang. She lasted until 15 minutes before it ended and then she was tired ( naptime ) and wanted her binky and we left. Talking to my friends though who have older kids, they say their kids were bored with the movie from the first scene, so maybe we just need to try something else. We will probably go after we have Stetson with a little date just for her. I know she felt very special. ( she told us!)

Dang it that this picture didnt come out better!
Then she napped and we went to Lynda and Steve's.
"Come on Trey, its dinner time!!!"

Eating her first "burrito."
Lynda made a GREAT spread, tons of carne asada....marinated AMAZINGLY!!!

Trey and Lucy following along while Aunt Crystal is singing to them. They are doing the movements and having tons of fun.

"Here Trey, let's play this song!"
Lucy was fascinated that someone actually knew how to play the piano. She sat with Crystal forever and made her play tons of songs. She was in heaven!

Trey decided to join in too!
Doing more movements to songs!

"Come onnnnn Trey let's dance!"
Classic picture, in Trey's car seat.
Putting the candles on Lucy's cake....

She was SOO excited!

She decided to eat only the sprinkles off the cake! That's ok though!
Next post probably tomorrow will be her bday party!


Tawny said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!!! Her outfit is so cute!, love it! And that cake was so not hideous, so cute, it looks worse in our tummies, ha! I nominated you for an award, check out my blog :)

Crystal and Kyle said...

Thanks for working her birthday party around the wedding so that we could be there. It was so much fun to be able to be a part of her birthday this year. Trey just loves Lucy. We have a picture of her on our fridge and he loves to look at it and say her name :)

ryansmom said...

Lucky Girl, it looks like she had a fantastic birthday. Don't worry about the cake, it looks great. Besides it's the taste that matters.


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