Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Day ( Cont'd )

Who hoooo !!! This is so much fun!

After the tricycles, we HAD to have our Christmas morning tradition that Lynda makes....Eggs Benedict! Soo great!

Trey got an Imagination Movers CD and they had fun watching and dancing with it!

Mmmm...yummy Christmas dinner! Lucy sat with the boys.

Another ride on the tricycle!

Trey is almost the same age as Lucy but is super small, so he thought it would be fun to ride on the back of the bike while WE pushed them. ( Lucy still doesn't understand how to make it go with the pedals)

This works too!!

Then they decided to play with one of Trey's new toys that is this remote control car...Lucy wasn't the biggest fan until Troy started making it crash into things...thennn that brought on a whole set of giggles!

Lucy liked to read to Uncle Kyle, even if he was watching basketball! :)

Finally on Christmas, Troy, Lucy, Kyle, Trey and I went to a street in Santa Margarita that is nicknamed Candy Cane Lane. Every house is decorated and it is fun to walk around and enjoy. They loved it. Here are some shots of the lawns.

I took this next one for Lucy because she LOVES carousels!! This couldn't have been more than 7 inches by 7 inches but it was sooo cute!

Look closely and you will see Lucy gazing in on the lawn.

This family had this really unique looking "TV" on their garage,  but really it was just a screen with a projector set up and they were playing Christmas movies.

Dancing and singing trio, Lucy and Trey LOVED! They were dancing and singing along even though pictures can't really show that.

Christmas was WONDERFUL! We had such a great time!

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ryansmom said...

Love walking around and looking at the Christmas lights. Those houses went all out.


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