Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

To continue the tradition we started last year, we had my mom and brother over for dinner, presents and movie watching. This year instead of homemade chili, we did baked potatoes and salad. It was a super fun night!

Ellie got two balls and a frisbee!
Here is a Pinkalicious sticker book!
Waiting patiently for Uncle Mike to open his present.
" Oh grandma, look at my painted toes!!"
Lucy got a cute nightgown and matching slippers, here we are putting the slippers on.

They have gingerbread men on them!

Oh Fun! A cash register!
Uncle Mike and Lucy playing in the kitchen.
He was so happy she was excited to be around him this time! It has taken her a while to warm up!
Making cookies for Santa!

Watching Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate! Our Christmas Eve tradition.

Too interested in the movie to smile for the camera!
Cookies are done!
Right before going to bed we left cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer!


ryansmom said...

Lucy is so adorable. You are a very blessed family. I love your traditions. Your family is too cute.

Sarah said...

OMG Lucy is sooo big! She is so adorable. Such good Sherman genes! Trey is adorable too! But what am I saying, I am sure their cuteness is all thanks to Sarah & Crystal! Love you guys!

Tawny said...

ahhhh, what a nice Christmas and great pictures! Lucy is getting so big!


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