Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Utah Thanksgiving!

This post took a very long time, and I apologize to anyone who isn't family because there are a ton of pictures on here....so I totally understand if you skip them all. ( but they are awful cute!) Over Thanksgiving we visited a ton of Troy's family out in St. George, Utah. The pictures, speak for themselves! They are only a taste of our experience! ( and what is even worse is these pictures are only 2 days of the vacation!
Troy took Lucy on the quads, she LOVED it! She loves motorcycles, so I think she thought she was on one! Glad this wasn't the trip 1/2 an hour later where Troy flipped the quad onto himself !!

Chad went with them as well. Here he is looking like a bad- a$%. Hehe.

One of the first of MANY pictures with the girls. Mason, Morgan, Maddy and Maren played with Lucy ALL DAY long! It was so nice to see Lucy interact and play with them, and it was nice for a break too. I REALLY wish that we lived closer.
Out on the trampoline...yes they have a huge house, and huge backyard with tons of fun things for the kiddos.

Of course there was a lot of Wii playing.
And some make believe.....

Maddy with Lucy.
Chad with Emma.
Beware there are a TON of leaf pictures ...here and more in this post. Lucy got up with Morgan and Mason and went outside ( keep in mind it was like 30 degrees!) and played in their p.j.'s in the leaves! This was Thanksgiving morning.

I thought this was cute because they had like the same p.j's
Look how high that pile is!

They had fun pushing each other around in Uncle Bill's wheelchair. (he just had knee replacement surgery)

There were MANY dance parties!! I think they were dancing to Miley Cyrus here.

I love this move of Mason's.
More trampoline fun! This was ring around the rosey.
" We all fall down!"

Decorating for Thanksgiving dinner.
That would be the turkeys neck. Poor thing.
AND insides.
Here are a ton more leaf pictures later that afternoon after the girls curled Lucy's hair.

One of the many tables.

Maren and Lucy.
Morgan, Jen and Lucy. Jen and David brought this AMAZING stuff over they called "Christmas Crack." and boy it WAS!!! Lucy was enthralled, hence the looking down.
Making his famous mashed potatoes.
David and Troy.
Lucy LOVED her turkey dinner.

Lucy and Emma had a ton of fun together too! Emma is 5-6 weeks younger than Lucy. Here they are playing under the pool table.

Playing checkers and eating pumpkin life. The life.

This was right about the time we started to realize Lucy had a horrible rash and red spots accumulating all over her body. I had an anxiety attack and thought she was going to die. ( you all know me well if you read my blog so that is totally normal for me) We ended up giving her Benadryl and she was fine the next morning. We are thinking it had something to do with the leaf diving she did twice that day.

Guitar hero....Bryce ( Troy's brother ) and Troy.
Lynda and I making an attempt.
A HILARIOUS ( yet blurry ) picture of Lynda that Bryce took while she was sleeping.

The day after Thanksgiving the whole family came back over and we made gingerbread houses. SOOOO FUN!

Troy was AMAZING. He made a plan like 5 minutes before we started and it turned out GREAT

This was how ours ended up! ( above)

All the houses after the fact! That night we had a ton more family over and everyone brought pie/desserts! We had such a great time!!! Can't wait for the next visit!


ryansmom said...

Wow, it looks like you had a fantastic trip. I loved the pictures of playing in the Fall leaves and Gingerbread Houses. Lucy looks so cute wearing the headband with her hair curled. I can see the headband didn't last long but at least you got a couple pictures. The gingerbread houses are so cool. Love the idea.

Jenafer and David Lowe said...

What are the chances you will email me some of the pictures for Thanksgiving weekend? Especially any that we are in and the gingerbread houses. I would so appreciate it!

We had so much fun! We loved having you guys here and would love to have you here even MORE often. Hint, hint!

Tawny said...

Wow, I'm so behind on your blog, sorry :( I'm so behind on my own blog :(
Looks like you had a fantastic vacation and Lucy had a blast, what a great memory!
I can't believe we haven't gone to Disneyland together, soon!!!
Can't wait to see you on Monday :)

KFuj said...

I also love the pictures of the girls playing in the leaves.

Lucy is getting so big! I have never seen so many gingerbread houses in my life. I usually just eat the candy while other make them :-)


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