Monday, December 28, 2009

Starting Christmas week of with a bang!

Troy's brother Kyle, his wife and his son ( our nephew ) Trey are here visiting again and we are having so much fun! The first thing we did together was visit Santa. As you can see, she wasn't too happy. We kinda think its cute though, because you always need a crying Santa shot right?I love the fact that Trey is giving this, " What the HECK is going on?" look as well!
Here is when we first saw each other before Santa....their height difference is tooooo funny!

At our house posing by the tree :)
Funny girl!!!


krista said...

cute pictures. lucy grew again. she is such a big girl. glad you guys had a merry christmas :)

Tawny said...

OMG her coat is adorable! It was so great to see you guys the other night!!!

Jenafer and David Lowe said...

Love the pictures of the Sherman cousins and Santa! I love the pictures of them in their coats, so fabulous!


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