Monday, January 18, 2010

Mary Poppins Christmas Present!

One of my Christmas presents from Lynda was a trip to LA to see Mary Poppins! I am not really a theatre person, but I am learning that if I know the story beforehand, it makes it SO much better! It was raining that day, so I didn't take the camera out a lot, but here is what I got!Amber, Vicki, Crystal, Lynda and I.

It was a long day for the guys, Kyle ended up watching Lucy and Trey all day inside ( raining) and wasn't too prepared for it poor guy. After we got back from LA we met the guys at Shogun and shared a boat! Yum yum!

1 comment:

krista said...

oh my...that food looks amazing.
what a fun trip out! :)


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