Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trip to my hometown

A few weekends ago we went down to Newport Beach...and after it taking almost 45 minutes to get there..and 45 minutes to park, I realized why we don't normally go there! Geesh! But we had a ball, and after the beach we went to Spaghetti Factory! My favorite!!
Lucy loves to play in the sand!

She loved putting it on her legs.

It may have been hot outside..but the water was FREEZING!

We were saying "hi" to daddy!


Brooke-Lynn's Mama said...

Sarah! TOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Lucy is so irresistible! How do you stand it? My fav is the pic of her standing with her daddy at the beach! I can't believe how big our girls are!

Tawny said...

Sooo cute! Great pictures! I can't wait to go to the beach again and ride bikes! Joe and I LOVE going to El Ranchito.


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