Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sea World 3/28/09

Last weekend we went to Sea World and it was SO much fun!!! We got passes, so if anyone wants to meet up or go together, let me know! Of course I never upload my pictures the correct way so the pictures that are first are actually what we did last, but at least you get the picture!

There was an area for little ones Lucy's age where they could push and stack and play with soft blocks. She was hesistant at first, but then got to really enjoy it!

The Dolphin Show

She loves putting on our sun glasses!
Giving momma a kiss!

Look how GROSS this fish was!!! Good thing it was behind the glass! It was HUGE!

It is hard to get pictures in the dark looking through the glass, but we tried our best!

Holding a starfish.

The Shamu Show!!!

Getting everyone WET!!!!

Attempting to get a family picture. 2 out of 3 isn't bad.


Darci said...

So fun! I wonder if Gwenie would sit still for the show??? Maybe we all should go there this summer sometime?

Tawny said...

Beautiful pictures! Did you get a new camera? I can't wait to take the kids to Sea World!!!
Thank you so much for the comment on my family, you are too sweet! I would love to find a time to have you guys over if you are up for the drive...let me know a good weekend :)

The Trapp Family said...

We LOVE Seaworld.....we should all go sometime. I love the green outfit...seriously so lucky!!


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