Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Baskets!

The Easter Bunny brought Lucy a basket at our house...but instead of it being a basket it was toys and candy in a new stroller! Lucy was in love!
She also had eggs that had Little People toys inside.

This basket was from my mom to Lucy. RATHER LARGE!

This basket was from Grandma Lynda, it was all Little People stuff as well. Can you see a theme?
Opening all the new toys!
New Sunglasses!!
New books!!
New toys!!
All from ONE basket! Yikes!
Even a golf set!! Thank you Easter Bunny (s) !!!!


Crystal said...

So cute... Look at her, she's getting SO BIG! I can't wait for you to be on summre break so I can come spend some time with you and Lucy. Miss you!

KFuj said...

I'm sure Troy loves that Lucy is practicing golf!!

Tawny said...

So cute! Glad you finally got her some glasses that fit! Hahaha! Happy Easter :)

KFuj said...

I love Lucy's pigtails and her new sunglasses!!

Babz and family said...

This great I love the pics thanks for the invite. Love you Auntie


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