Monday, April 20, 2009

Eggs a la el Goodwill!

My friend Alyssa found the coolest way to dye eggs! Check out her blog ( The Griffeth Family) for how to tips....I will just show a little of the process. A little time consuming for me..but they turned out AWESOME so it was worth it! The tie material ( I got from Goodwill) and light colored fabric.
The little eggs all ready and waiting to be boiled.
In the hot tub!!
The fabric ran a little.....but the eggs were still perfect!
Bad picture, but here is the finished product. If you click on the picture you will see a better up close view of the little paisley and designs from the ties. Fun idea Alyssa, here is to making them every Easter!


krista said...

they turned out great! i thought about doing this but never got around to it this year!

megan said...

this was on the martha stewart show. we did the same technique using silk fabrics. very fun huh? a lot of work though, but fun! :)


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