Thursday, June 12, 2008

I need HELP!

Does anyone have any good remedies for either a.) baby sleeping at night....or b.) dealing with teething? i am not sure if it is the teething that is making lucy not sleep at night or the fact that she is learning that we will come to her aid if she cries at night. She started this probably 3 weeks ago...really hard when she was sleeping from 8pm-7am for a very long time. Now she is up all the time! And last night was the worst yet. I think it was a combination of shots and teething. She was on fire hot, and wouldn't stop moving all night. She was crying every 5-10 minutes from 11pm-8:45 am! you read that right. NO SLEEP FOR MOM. I finally gave her to Troy at 6am so I could sleep until 8am.
I am at a loss for what to do. I am giving her tylenol every 5hours... teething tablets when it gets real bad....i dont know what else to do!!! I need ANYONEs advice..whether I know you or not, please comment!


carrfamily4 said...

Hey Sarah,
I know that no sleeping can be rough and teething is not fun. The boys did that when they were teething. I remember that I was hoping it would pass quickly, it does. Does she take a pacifier? I would go into the boys room when they would wake up and not pick them up right away, but rub their back and shhh in their ear and it seemed to help. I hope that you can find something that works. Ask the doctor when you can start motrin, because you can piggy back it with the tylenol, but she might be too young. Let me know if i can do anything. We also used the book the happiest baby on the block, it was a lifesaver!!!!


Trapp Family said...

Right around six months both of the boys did this...they are smarted than we think. They just figured out that I would come in a put their pacifier in their mouth whenever they cried. It may be shots that always messes everything up. But after a few sleepless night we have always had to do the ferber method of just letting them cry it out. I have a friend who actually does this with every baby, she leaves the house for a few nights because she can't stand hearing her baby cry and of course her hubby can turn off the monitor and sleep just fine.

But my guess is if she was sleeping fine before it is more her behavior and learning what she can get away with.

As for motrin my Dr. gave me a chart and you can start that at six months...and it is so nice for teething!!!
Good luck!!!

Grant and Alyssa said...

Hey!!! I just signed on to your blog to reply to your question about the little pool float thing, and I saw that you already bought the adorable flower one!! I LOVE that one. :-) And isn't it the BEST thing EVER?!? Olivia loves hers! Yay for Target!

By the way- Sorry it took me so long to reply...I have been terrible about blogging lately!

Also, I am so sorry about everything you are going through with teething! It's the worst. I let Olivia suck/chew on teething rings that have been in the fridge or freezer, and I also give her Orajel Nightime gel...Both of those seem to help a little. Just remember...It will pass SOON!!!

I laughed when I read that Lucy weighs 19 lbs. 3 oz.! Way to go, Lucy! Olivia is almost 10 months and she only weighs 18 lbs. Obviously she needs to learn a few things from Lucy!!! I love it...She is TOO CUTE!

Darci said...

I would trade off with Tylenol and Motrin my doctor said to give tylenol and then 3 hours later motrin. You can switch off every three hours with these because they are different medicines.

Congrats on the house and can't wait to finally met you!!!

Darci said...

Sounds good to me, we love Disneyland.


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