Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1 year check up and more bad news!!!


weight: 26 lbs 8 oz- 98% percentile

height: 32 1/2 inches- 95% percentile

We had a LONG appt and basically this is the verdict....

cold- with a BAD cough, runny nose,

swollen infected eyes---side effects to a new EAR infection

teething BAD

and the hand foot and mouth is going strong..especially in the mouth. Actually the dr. said it usually doesn't spread as much as Lucy's as. Of course right?? AGH! Poor girl!

Troy took off Mon-Wed. I will take off Thursday-Friday and I have next Monday off already, yet we still need to quarantine ourselves until the blister things go away. I still take her for walks and all..i mean the girl is going CRAZY!!! This is officially the worst I have ever seen her in her whole life. She is still getting NO sleep...I can't wait until this is OVER.

And I went to urgent care last night and am now on 3 different medicines for a severe sinus infection.

This post is just to let all of you who are healthy reading this...to rejoice in your health!!! And for documentation purposes...to look back on...when we are healthy again.

Good news--we got the sewing maching back and Troy and I made a scarf and hat! Picture will come!


Grant and Alyssa said...

You poor things! You're in our prayers!!! Feel better!

The Trapp Family said...

Seriously...do you need anything?? Call me when you are home I will bring you a treat or something! Hang in there!

Tawny said...

Awwww, hope she is getting better! It is so hard to have a sick baby, you feel so bad :( And not being able to get out is so hard too! I'm sure when all this is done the weather will still be beautiful and you guys can get out!

Darci said...

That is so awful! Both of you sick at the same time makes it ten times worse. Sorry.


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