Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve

I know that these pictures are WAY late..and tomorrow I am going to post Christmas Day pics....I have to post about Christmas! I have been too busy lately to post because it takes me SO long to post ...but better late than never!
So one of our traditions we started was homemade chili in breadbowls on Christmas Eve. The pic above is a sampling of the one I ate.
Ha ha ha. We dressed Lucy up in a santa suit ....and here is her first reaction. Is this not a GREAT picture????

Yet another perfect shot!

She finally got used to it!

Helping daddy set up her new car
Her new bib from grandma

Lucy loves her new ride!

We started a tradition of wearing pj's, drinking hot cocoa and watching the Polar Express! Here is my mom and brother getting ready to watch the movie. However I have to note my mom fell asleep within the first 10 minutes.

Troy and I getting ready as well...with our lovely matching Christmas PJs we wear every year.


krista said...

Oh my goodness. That first picture of Lucy is amazing. Nice job capturing that :) I love it!

Darci said...

LOL that you have matching pj's I always joke about buying them to Brett and he just laughs since we both know he would NEVER wear them.


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