Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mission Inn at Christmas Time

In front of a HUGE Christmas Tree
On top of the Mission Inn, the lights were SO beautiful!

The girls looking at the lights...

I tried my best at getting their attention, but the lights were just way too pretty :)

Sooo, right as Christmas break started our family was able to meet up with a family that I have only read about on blogger....we kept up with each others lives yet had never met. Well we stopped just reading about each other and made a plan! Dinner and walking around the Mission Inn! It was soo fun and we got along great! We all have a lot in common, including the mom, Tawny, and I both being 5th grade teachers, all the way to the fact that our little girls are pretty close in age, so even better! We had a great time, but didn't take many pictures :(


Tawny said...

Awwww, the pictures you did take turned out great (or the ones I took...hahaha, jk)! We had a great time meeting up with you guys too! I love your comment when we were there about it feeling like an Internet date :) Can't wait till we can get together soon!

krista said...

Dude..how did you get so skinny??


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