Monday, May 17, 2010

Mani/Pedi for Lucy and Mommy!

This past Saturday Lucy and I were pampered! We went and got Lucy a mani/pedi and me a pedicure. It was soooooo nice! Usually I say when they ask if you want certain scrubs or treatments, this time I said yes to everything! Other than being totally uncomfortable in the chair just due to Stetson...blah blah was SUCH A TREAT! This was Lucy's first time, so I wanted Troy to come along in case she didnt want anything to do with it. She was PERFECT! The ladies were way impressed! I think this will be something we do more often! We didnt take a picture of Lucys fingernails but they are the same as her toes, pink, with flowers on the big toe. :) And I got pink with polka dots, my traditional order when I get my pedicures once a year!

Finally time to relax!!! She loved the vibrating chair!
Talking to mommy while they finished my pedicure.
Afterwards we got pizza! What a wonderful morning!

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Alyssa Griffeth said...

What a fun day!! I wonder if Olivia would actually sit still for a pedicure?!

I can't believe your story about triping over Lucy! I hope everything was okay and that it didn't set you into labor (although I'm sure you'd probably be happy if it did!). Good luck with the delivery! I'm sure it will go BEAUTIFULLY!

P.S.- Thanks for your words of encouragement and for helping me realize that I'm NOT alone in this crazy game of parenting a difficult toddler while pregnant!!


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