Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shower #2 for Stetson

Way behind on the blogging ( because Stetson is here!! ) before I post the birth stuff, let me finish on the showers! This shower was thrown by some of my close friends and my two moms at Lynda and Steve's. It was super fun ( except for the anxiety attack I had before and after! ugh to hormones! ) and we were TOTALLY spoiled!!

The theme was western, hence, "Stetson." The red velvet cake pictured above is AMAZING just to let you all know. They carry them at Cost-co!
This quilt was made by my friend Darci. She is amazing at sewing!!! I was so honored to have her make me/ Stetson a quilt! Her button for her sewing blog is on the right hand side of my blog, called Stitches and Scissors.
My mom and mother-in-law.
My friend Crystal has an etsy shop where she sells tutus, bling binkies, tons of adorable stuff! She made Lucy a tutu, and made Stetson a bling binky that came packaged like this!
Crystal also made me the BEST basket ever, and she went with the theme of Stetson's "crib" because we don't have a nursery for him. In the basket she included burp cloths that had these little wooden figurines on them!!! CUTE OR WHAT??? I love it!

Here is the basket Crystal made before I opened it!
Notice the Cowboy hat box in the background with the huge STETSON on it!
The yummy favors! Chocolate bars with this label on them.

We played this hilarious game where we tried to melt the ice cube that this baby was in and if we did we yelled " My water broke!" and we would be the winner. It was funny seeing the competitive people try to win!
We had YUMMY mexican food, we made salads that were copied from Cafe Rio. MY FAVORITE!
Crystal and I.
Andrea, Abby, and Darci ( the one who does all the sewing )
Julie, Ellie ( her baby ) and I.

Trying on a hat Stetson was given :)
I LOVED all the cowboy stuff!
My friend Cherie's daughter Riley.
We of COURSE had to get an Angels warm up suit! We also were given an Angels hat, Angels onesies, an Angel towel....he will be decked out!

My aunt, my mom and I.

Thank you to EVERYONE involved! We were SET after this shower!!!

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Nikki said...

I love the theme.... So cute!


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