Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

We met my moms side of the family on Mothers Day at Arnold's, this place in Long Beach that I grew up going to on Mother's Day. The food isn't that great and it is way overpriced, but we HAD to continue the tradition right? And our goal was spending time with family and that is exactly what we did. Here is a picture of my little Lucy having fun carrying around purses.
My mom and Lucy.
My brother and the goose.
My brother, mom, me, my cousin Cherise and my aunt Barbara ( my mom's sister)
All the women of the group. The ladies on the far left are from my Uncle's side of the family, his sister and her daughter Amber. Lucy really loved Amber.
Attempts at family pics that never really work with Lucy.

Me and my pregnant 38 week belly. As I write this post I am 40 weeks and 2 days!
I HAD to add this in. So if you know me at all, you KNOW that I am freak about germs, cleanliness, and well, expiration dates! AFTER we ate we went outside and were taking pictures and talking and I noticed my brother staring at this poster. If you click on it, it will become bigger and you will see what we saw.
Yes, thats right, they were in violation of many many things by the health dept. and most of them had to do with things that I FREAK OUT ABOUT! Needless to say I was scared for the rest of the day that we were all going to die. But, we are still here and Stetson is fine in my big belly, THANK GOODNESS. EGH!
After this we went to Troy's parents house to eat again with his family and Kyle and Crystal and Trey came! They suprised Lynda for Mothers Day. They were here for the rest of the week and we went to Disneyland with them and even got to find out the gender of Crystal's baby that is due in October, they are having a GIRL! Two boys and two girls for the Sherman grandkids!

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