Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Father's Day

So this is soo sad, but the only picture I have to document our Father's Day celebration ( other than the one we did a week early) is this! For Father's Day weekend Troy and I went golfing, and out to dinner and a movie. Well, I shouldn't say WE went golfing. I actually decided it was too cold to golf and I didn't want us to have to fork out more money for me to play, so I sat in the cart and was Troy's cheerleader. I also read 150 pages of my new book ( above) My Sister's Keeper. WOW, I was bawling on the golf course! Troy would come back from a hole and he would be like, "what the heck is wrong?" Aghh! I am not done yet, because I have been sewing A TON, but I will finish it soon! I also had to take a picture of the peanut butter crackers I got from the snack bar. I love these crackers and hadn't seen them in soo long!
After golfing, we went to Macaroni Grill, and then saw The Proposal. It was so good! I loved it! I loved that it was a wholesome movie that didn't have any cheating in it! That is one of my pet peeves. And the whole day was a mere $50. The price for Troy to golf! We had dinner and a movie from gift cards I got from my students at the end of the year! It was a great day and thanks to Grandma Lynda! She watched Lucy that entire day and then overnight, and took her to church with her the next day. I hope it was as good for Troy as it was for me! He is the best daddy to Lucy and husband to me! He deserves the best back!


ryansmom said...

Hey Sarah,
I didn't know you like to golf or if you told me before I forgot. I'm so glad you and Troy had a nice day together. Sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to spend quality time with our spouses.

I've looked at the book you are reading several times and put it back on the shelf. Although it sounds like a terrific book I didn't think I could read it. Now I know for sure I can't. I think there is also a movie coming out based on it. Probably won't be able to watch. I just finished reading The Shack and really enjoyed it. Have you read it yet?

Krischelle and Jacob said...

I've been wanting to see The Proposal! Jacob's gone to the screening of it in Vegas (where SANDRA BULLOCK was TOO!) argh.. but anyway, you 'golfed'! haha yay! lol I wish I could just be in the cart... i like golfing but not ALL the time! I've heard a lot about My Sister's Keeper! I think I might go get myself a copy and read it, too! :D Glad you too enjoyed Father's Day!


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