Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So glad to be close!

Lucy and I have spent a lot of time lately with our friends and neighbors Gwen and Darci. They live in our complex, and it is so nice to be able to walk over to their place and hang out! We have been going to Sonic and getting Cherry Limeades ( THE BEST!) and doing lots of water activities! Here are the girls playing out front in the blow up pool. Yes it looks white trash but we simply don't care and either do the girls. And yes that is a diaper champ by my front door, I dont normally keep it there, I was airing it out! :)

It was hard to get the both to look at the camera!

Yummy popsicles!


Tawny said...

We're white trash right there with ya, we ALWAYS do the pool in the front, what choice do we have at this point! The girls will never remember, only the fun they had in the pool! How neat it is to have friends so close!

ryansmom said...

It's nice to have neighbors you can hang out with. We love our neighbors and have gone out with them many times.

I didn't notice the diaper champ until you mentioned it. Then I had to look closely to see what you were talking about.

Continue to have fun and enjoy the summer. Take advantage of the time you get to spend together. Before you know it Lucy will be grown up and you'll wonder where the time went.

Darci said...

It was really nice! We need to go and get a limeade again soon, I really need one.

Jessica said...

How fun to have a neighbor who is your friend! I hope we can move somewhere someday where that is the case :)


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