Friday, June 19, 2009

5th grade vs. Teachers Softball Game

Yeah, we got blasted by them.
A girl in my class...I love her. She was wearing my sunglasses and my jacket, and she took some of the following pictures while we were in the outfield.

Some of the faculty who played :)

Crazy that all but three of these teachers won't be there next year. They won't have a team!

Ramil hitting a home run! (I think)
I was SOOO bad out there! I liked to talk more than play, so a bunch of balls went straight for me and I wasn't even looking. One even hit me in the shin while I was looking to the right and talking.
My friend Laurie taunting the fifth graders on the bench.

Kaymi up at bat!
Cindy heading to 1st base.
Valerie, Whitney and Glenda.


The Veneracion Family said... you have to send me pictures from Ice Cream Social and this! Great pictures Sarah!

Tawny said...

Great pictures...but really they won??? Were you guys just being nice? We have a 6th vs. Staff game (6th is our highest elementary grade) and the teachers ALWAYS win...we're not very nice! I didn't get to play this year, but next for sure!


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