Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucy gets a scooter!

I have been looking on Craig's List to get Lucy a Radio Flyer three wheeled scooter to try and teach her balance, and coordination, and most of all how to ride a scooter! Well last week when Lucy went to Disneyland with the grandparents we went to Babies R Us and Troy landed next door at Sports Chalet for awhile. He came out 20 minutes later with Stetson in one hand, and a Razor in another! At first I was mad because I really just want to use a three wheel one, to at least start out on, but I got over it quickly. Now we are trying to practice with her...its going to take a while but she LOVES it. She really loves chasing Troy while he is riding it!
Here she is right when we gave it to her.
Chasing after Daddy!


ryansmom said...

Very fun but don't forget to put a helmet on her.

Abby said...

Noah loves his razor. We got Sawyer a three wheel one and he won't touch it. He wants a Razor like Noah so I guess I will have to get him one soon!

Bring her scooter and come play with us!!


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