Thursday, July 29, 2010

OC Fair with the Wood's

Last week we went to the OC fair with my friend Cherie and her family. We had a lot of fun!!! And so did Lucy and her daughter Riley. We got random pictures, I didnt want to have the nice camera out all the time and I ended up holding Stetson for a good deal of the night once he slept, so I got only a few pictures. Here is Lucy getting ready to pet a calf.Goats! She loved the animals!
Sooo they were milking this goat and she went right up and put her face in the bucket they were milking it into ( AS THE MILK WAS GOING IN! ), no shame at all. Everyone started laughing, and she continued with petting it....we were lucky it was a nice goat!

Only picture of Riley and Lucy :( But a cute one at that!
We used the bjorn :)
Stetson was allll smiles for a long portion of the night ! I got a ton of pictures but will share a few.

Lucy and Troy and Riley and Rob went on the big slide....

We called this ride " Dumbo " :)
Cherie and I. Cherie is due in September with a little boy !! We are so happy for her!


Meghan Hein said...

Hi Sarah! So with the cupcakes, I don't have the box but I just grabbed the first white cake mix I found at Target. The colors weren't quite as bright as they are in Spearmint's picture because I just used regular food coloring, not neon. But the colors didn't leak together. I thought it was a great, easy recipe. Hope little Lucy loves them!

ryansmom said...

The big slide is the best. Where's the pictures of all the yummy crazy things you ate?


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