Saturday, July 31, 2010

Visit with Friends

A few weekends ago our friends Livi, her sister Linda, and Gidge and Logan came over to see Stetson and visit. Here are some pictures I took while they were here.

Here is Livi showing Logan and Lucy pictures of when they were a month old and they were in the pac n play together. They were soo cute. The following pictures are of the kids looking at the pictures of themselves.

They brought lunch over for us, and Logan and Lucy sat and ate together.
Playing away....
Dirty but cute faces...totally pictures of their personalities....the calm one...
The more dramatic one!
It is amazing how differently Lucy plays with boys. Boys just aren't drama, they don't care if she takes their toys, so I guess that is probably why :) I think I am very happy to have a boy and a girl....I dont know if I could handle two girls!!!!
Here are Gidge and Linda taking the Color Code test to find out what colors they are. We just LOVE the Color Code. I dont know where we would be without it! It explains so much about people and their personalities!
Lucy and her "happy face" HAH! Just kidding! She was being weird, eating a cupcake outside. It was WELL past her nap time.
Logan came to say hi :)
We had a great time visiting and playing!

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ryansmom said...

Now I'm curious, what's the color test?


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