Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mission Viejo Lake with the Sullivan's

My friend Stephanie and her family came down to spend a day at the lake with us. We did this last August and it was sure nice to go together again! Here is Audrey and Stephanie holding Stetson while Wiley and Lucy napped.
We bought this little tent so Stetson could hang out while we were in the sun. He wasn't too happy in it at all. Maybe when he gets to the sitting up age and can play inside? Lucy sat up at 5 months and then like in the same month started crawling, so we could never enjoy the sitting up phase. I hope Stetson is a little slower at that!
Stephanie enjoying the sun!
On the left, Troy and Lucy, on the right, Michael and Audrey.

We went to East Beach because they were having a concert at the lake on the other side of the lake and they were charging TOO much to get in. East beach is NEVER crowded....except for maybe these days when people dont want to pay to get into the lake. I could NOT believe that it was so packed! Usually there are only a few people other than us!

Our little area.
Wiley as content as could be.

Audrey and Stephanie had a lot of fun together. These pictures were them collecting items ....i think sticks. Anything to make them smile!

Great picture! Lucy was trying to get Wiley to touch the silky part on the blanket, he didnt get it, and I snapped a picture right as...well...i dont know, what do YOU think is going on here? I dont know but a classic shot at best!
I love how Audrey is bending down in this picture. Usually Lucy or I have to bend down ( thanks to the tall genes! )
We went to eat pizza afterward and the girls and Wiley played and played and played! This was them saying good bye in the parking lot. They were singing " Its a Small World" really loud and holding hands and jumping. Ahhh to be a kid again! It was a crack up.

Thanks for the fun times Michael and Stephanie! We always have a great time together!


ryansmom said...

The girls are so cute together. The lake looks like a fantastic place to hang out.

Jessica said...

Alayna never just sat up either... ugh! She crawled before she could sit. I had two glorious months of just sitting with Ethan... here's to hoping your boy does the same!


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