Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our 4th of July

Well, now that it is July 17th, I was thinking I would post about our 4th! Phew! We had plans to hang out with some of our friends and do the pool/mv lake thing, but both of my in laws ended up in the before the 4th and one after the 4th, so yes, they were in the hospital at the same time!!! My father in law ended up having a GI bleed, and my mother in law hurt herself the night of the 4th after visiting Steve in the hospital and on the way to come hang out with us and watch fireworks. Both are ok now thank goodness! But we cancelled our plans with our friends in case they needed us. So in the morning we went for a walk, and then we went to the hospital to visit Steve. Then we went to lunch down the street from the hospital, came home and took naps, then a little pool action and then headed to the MIssion Viejo Lake Street Fair. It was such a nice day weather wise, and the fair was fun! We ended up getting a spot to watch the fireworks in the middle of the street fair where we ate dinner, and we just stayed there until they started. Lynda met us ( later that night her knee started hurting and she drove to the ER) and we watched fireworks together. It was a great day, even though not really planned, and the food we wanted to eat with our friends on the night of the 4th we ended up making a few nights later for Lynda. Here are some pictures of our day!

Ready to go to the pool!
All dressed up for the 4th, I love the shorts!!!
Ready to go to the street fair!
At the street fair...
We took this picture because we have a picture SOMEWHERE of Lucy at 6 months wearing my sunglasses at the street fair on the 4th of July so I thought it would be cute to compare. Only problem? Since we bought a new computer and transferred everything over, I cannot find the picture! Argh!

Watching the fireworks! Lucy LOVED them!

Thought this was funny, looked like Troy was nursing....however he was just giving Stetson his binky!

Even though this picture was taken the day after the 4th, ( we were too busy to make the cake on the day of the 4th) I had to include it in this post.

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ryansmom said...

For not turning out the way you had planned it looks like you enjoyed the weekend. I'm glad everyone is out of the hospital and recovering. That's crazy! Your cake looks delicious. I made the same kind of cake a few years ago.


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