Thursday, March 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

Getting ready for Valentine's Day by filling out ALL her Valentine cards. ( well scribbling on each one and putting the lollipop in )

Troy took the kids to a Valentine party that girls in our ward threw, they had a ton of fun. I asked him to get some pictures and I think he did a good job :) I rarely take the camera with us anywhere anymore for fear we are going to lose it! ( hence the lack of pictures )
Here Lucy is putting Valentine's in all her friends bags.

Troy even took the kids to Target that morning and got them something with red or pink to wear. ( do I have a good husband or what?)

They even had a ton of fun as brother and sister at the park :)

Most of the kids.....:) There were a lot!

Here is Valentine Morning ( so these pictures go before the party pictures )

Here is Stetson's present....
And Lucy's....I even went to the donut store that morning and brought back Valentine decorated donuts! Lucy was in LOVE!

And here are Troy and Stetson playing with the cars....notice the one on Stetson's head?

We had a great day!

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