Thursday, March 24, 2011

A little info about me

I got this from another blog and thought I would share some info about me!

- I do like to blog (despite my off-and-on-ness with it recently). I blog mainly about my kids and rarely have pictures of myself on here, however it is my goal to blog more about me, and experiences I have been having, a journaling type of blog every once in a while.

- - I like goals. I used to make a lot of goals, and now I just have small little ones mainly, such as finishing books or creating a craft I have seen online. My big goal is to get my Masters degree. Well, I am in my first Masters class!!! I am attending Concordia University ( private Christian college like Point Loma ) and I am in a cohort that meets at a high school in Placentia. There are 12 of us. The hardest part so far is juggling the work now for that class along with everything else I am doing.

- - I love reading. Love it. I have a Nook color and I have a Nook app on my phone….so I read WHENEVER I can!!! My goal is to have 12 books read this year….which doesn’t seem like a lot, I am thinking 1 per month. It has been halted since I am reading so much for my Masters class currently, so I hope I can get back on the bandwagon

- Favorite food: anything Mexican….and lately Round Table Pizza. I die for it!!!! Favorite places to eat: well Round Table, El Torito Grill, In N Out, CafĂ© Rio

- - Favorite color: no idea anymore! So sad huh? If I think of a subject I can name colors I like. For example: quilts: blues and greens. Bathroom and bedroom: blues and browns. But I don’t have an all time favorite color I anymore.

- - Favorite guilty pleasure: If I told you I would have to kill you J right? Probably reading WAY too many blogs each day. I follow SO many! They make me happy though!

- Favorite TV Shows: American Idol, Bachelor/ette, Mike and Molly, Rules of Engagement, The Office, Undercover Boss, Most shows on the Food Network that aren’t about desserts ( cupcake wars? Come on! )

- Favorite thing to do on the weekend: go for our morning walks and out to breakfast! )

- Thing I am looking forward to in the next little while: finishing my first masters class, my vacation to San Diego with Troy and Lucy, spending the summer with the fam!!!! First time Troy won’t be working!!!! J

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