Thursday, March 10, 2011

9 months!

Just chilling on the dishwasher!!!!

25 lbs 10 oz
30 inches

-First trip to the ER on 3/9/11 ( 9 1/2 months old ) because he had a 104 temp for 2 hours straight, had thrown up, and was totally lethargic. It was the saddest thing. We are definitely used to high fevers with Lucy, but she never ever acted sick. Stetson was a different case. I am thinking it may have been a combination of things...but you never know. It was a long night. He threw up in the middle of sleeping at 9pm ( think rice and beans EVERYWHERE ) and he didn't end up getting seen by a doctor until 1am. We held him in cold wet towels for two hours and gave him motrin and tylenol and his fever didn't budge and he wasn't really responding to anything we did or said. By the time the doctor saw him he was babbling, 98.4 and happy as could be ( well for a baby up at 1am) I am wondering if the vomitting had to do with the rice we gave him ( it probably had butter in it---we were at a restaurant). He is allergic to dairy so we always ask if there is cheese or milk in something but never butter. I TOTALLY forgot! Needless to say it was scary! It was last night, and today he has been much better, very low grade temp and acting fine. Let's keep our fingers crossed for this one ( bug or whatever ) to be gone.

- Has three 6 oz bottles a day, and eats breakfast, lunch and dinner. We don't have the best variety for him since he is allergic to a lot and doesn't have many teeth to chew with.

-Got his two top teeth right when he turned 9 months. Super cute! At 9 1/2 months got the tooth next to his front tooth on his left 9 months = 5 teeth!

-Does the cutest cheesy smile. We need to get it on camera!

-I am just realizing he has to have a blanket when he sleeps. He likes to wrap himself in a blanket and roll around before falling asleep.

- Is getting a bit harder when we are out in at dinner. He definitely has to be entertained or eating....

-Still able to wear 18 month clothes and 2T pajamas!!! haha!
-Now shares a room with his SISTER! AND BOY IS IT WONDERFUL! We slept on the couch from November to March so that Stetson could have his own room and Lucy could have hers....but they have done wonderful from day #1. I think Lucy enjoys it and feels better.

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