Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carne Asada!!!

Lynda makes the best carne asada, and last week we decided to try making it on our own. It was super easy and SOOO good. The kick is that you have to get this seasoning from this little market by our house. Other than that it is rubbing it in oil, and lemons and onions, and marinating it over night.
We ate burritos with it the first night, and the second night we followed my friend Alyssa's cooking blog recipe for Baked Quesadillas and substituted the carne asada in for the chicken. It has the BEST flavor! oh and we added in limes as well. Troy did it by accident ( he just basically added in whatever was in the fridge drawer), and I ended up liking it but he wasn't a fan.


Tawny said...

mmmmm, that does look good! We never ended up having Carne with you guy...this summer FOR sure!

Darci said...

Next time invite us over!!!! looks so yummy.


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