Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random Shots and things we LOVE

I have gone so long without posting pics that I am just going to post some random cute ones from the past while that really don't have to do with anything but cuteness :)

Now that it is summer ( well has been for three weeks for me! ) We have done a few fun things! One of them was making chalk paint! Just 1/4 cup of cornstarch, 1/4 cup of water, some food coloring, and you are set to go!

Stetson's new LOVE? Watermelon, rind and all!

Lucy's new LOVE? Dressing up, "heel shoes," hats, make up, nail polish, you name it, she will wear it and flaunt it!

Playing in the dirt like a boy should!
Another LOVE of Lucy's? Ketchup and mustard sandwiches! Egh right?!?! She makes them all by herself, and puts everything back afterward :) Here she is making one.

She also has been LOVING her brother, and he LOVES her, so it has been a lot of fun!
I got an ipad from my work, and the kids LOVE it!
Another LOVE of the kids? Bubba!

Something I am LOVING lately? Well, today, we bought a dog!!! We haven't actually named her yet, we are throwing around Darla, Bella, Ruby, we will decide soon. We go to Utah in two days, so the people are going to keep her until we get back on July 7th. I CANNOT wait! She is a French Bulldog, 11 weeks old, almost all black with some cute whiteness on her belly. I will post pictures the DAY we bring her home! She is so popular she already has playdates set up!

Anyhow, back to the post.....We make breakfast almost every morning, bacon, eggs, toast, juice, hashbrowns...mmm....that is a LOVE of mine!
We also LOVE bare bottoms!

What do you LOVE lately?

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