Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

By the way I do have to say that my first Mother's day was great. Although Lucy has been sick for more than 2 weeks..she is finally on antibiotics and is getting better. We went to Huntington and had breakfast with my mom and brother...and of course Lucy and Troy...and walked on the pier for a bit. ( hopefully pics to come) Then went to church, came home and Troy and Steve ( father in law) made Lynda and I dinner. It was sweet, and relaxing....and it felt great to be a mom! I love my little Lucy and can't even imagine life without her now. She is such a great baby! Even when she has every sickness a little one can have all at the same time!

Doctor's updates!!!!
4 months
17lbs 9 oz
27 inches!!!
Wayyyy over the 100% percentile!
Wearing 6-9 month clothes that are getting too small by the minute!


Trapp Family said...

Oh I am glad that you had a wonderful first mother's day!!! Sorry to hear that Lucy is sick...I hate when my babies are sick it is no fun!!

TLOdenbaugh said...

I can't believe how fast they grow.. amazing.. when we give JT a bath we put him in the tub and do everything but his head, then we dry him off, put on a diaper and wrap him up in the towel. Then Thomas holds his head over the tub and I do that last. We have to consider him armed and dangerous ANY time there is not a diaper on him, even when there is one on him, ha ha!I brought him to see the kinders today, but they couldn't touch (too many germs!!). They were in heaven.

darci said...

That is forever to be sick, sorry.

We live in #122, so it sounds like we will live really close, I am so excited, especially since you have the summer off and we can all hang out.

Plus another Angels lover is always welcome.


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