Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I just wanted to say that I am so frustrated at the housing market. Buyers market yeah RIGHT!!! As of tomorrow morning we will have put out 11 offers on different places and things still look dim. I am hoping and praying that something does come out of all of this...it is so hard to know that we are ready, and we are a FAMILY looking to for our first home..and all of the homes are getting taken by investors who can put more money down than we can. We can't find anything that is owned by the seller themselves...everything is a short sale or bank owned, which makes it SO much harder!! The bank can take FOREVER to get back to you and they dont really care at all. We are the people with the emotions....sorry I just have to vent. Anyone have any helpful ideas at all....please call, email, or comment :(


Barbour said...

House hunting is never fun. Houses were intended for families but these days it doesn't seem that way. Good luck.

krischelle & jacob said...

i dont have anything helpful considering i live with my parents (no offense-- we are trying to save too)... where are you looking, anyway??? :) give me details, girl!


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