Monday, April 28, 2008

FINALLY pictures!

Church outfit :) Daddy picked it out~!~

First trip to the park....first time on the slide!
First rice cereal feeding...hilarious!!

Park.... in the big girl swing! just needed a blanket to hold her in place.

in her bumbo....YES....watching the TV!

Park...again....the pictures are all messed up!

First time in the big part of her stroller! she loves it! At Disneyland...

At Disneyland again...yet dressed for the sun this time!!
Lucy and Kendall tired from their big day at Dland! This is the little girl that is with Lucy all day while she is being watched by my friend Ryan. Kendall is Ryan's daughter.
Just chillin :) Angels fan you know...:) she is her mothers daughter!


Barbour said...

I love her church dress. What style, Doug dresses the boys like they're bums. Finally able to go to the park, scenery change.

Trapp Family said...

OMG...that is the CUTEST outfit!!! I love it!

TLOdenbaugh said...

She is soooo cute, glad you had a good time in Catalina, I forget that it is really so close, We might have to think about that for our anniversary this year. :0)

darci said...

I had to come over and see your blog and to tell you we will be friends for life because of all this Angels stuff. You crack me up!!I hope Jeff doesn't hate us.hehe.

PS Lucy is super cute and I loved that outfit with the hat.

Swaner Family said...

These are the cutest picts! Brandon and I are coming down next week. I hope we get a chance to see you guys!


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