Thursday, April 3, 2008

Girl time in San Diego!

Lucy pooped herself out with her new rainforest activity mat!
Eating dinner at Miguel's in Coronado! Miguel's white sauce is the BOMB!
Her first trip in the pool/jacuzzi! Isn't she a doll??
Amber reverted back to her childhood days with Lucy's toys :)
Lucy tasting limes! it was hilarious!


Trapp Family said...

She is so stinking cute!! In that picture in the above post I think she looks just like you!!!!

krischelle & jacob said...

i absolutely LOVE the bathing suit and sunglasses! can't wait to havemy own just so i can dress her up!! haha

Barbour said...

taking her in early to the pool that's how we do it. Poor LT was only three weeks. She is growing so fast.


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