Monday, April 21, 2008

Teeny update

Well it has been forever! I am now back at work and life is WAY hectic. It hasn't been as hard as I expected, but I think that is because I am SO busy at work I don't have time to think about anything personal! If I was sitting at a desk all day it might be different, but I am constantly moving and doing that helps. I do have a bunch of cute pictures I need to post ASAP. I just wanted to tell everybody that I am alive, and I wanted to leave you with an awesome quote from our new president of our church President Thomas S. Monson.

"Glance backward, look heavenward, reach outward, and press onward to find your way safely home again."


Barbour said...

Hope work is going good. Great quote.

Barbour said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow. We manage an apartment complex about 30 units. We get free rent and some extra. I wish we owned.


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