Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dinner date again with the Smith's

These pictures playing the Wii should go at the bottom but I can't figure out how to change the order so oh well! Here is Troy doing push ups on the Wii Fit.

Matt about to give up on doing the same!

But he got back into it. ( It's TOUGH!)

Park date with Lucy and Braden

It's adorable how cute these two pics are of Lucy.....and then you see.....
My "Real" child. HAHAHA dinnertime is ALWAYS messy.

Braden just watched her mess, and stayed VERY CLEAN.
Every inch of her was CRUSTED! We loved it! ( what else are you going to do?)

Matt "hula hooping" with the Wii Fit.
Me attempting ....I failed miserably.
Christine attempting...

Matt and Braden cheering Christine along !!
We love our friends Matt and Christine and their son Braden. We hang out with them whenever we can. They are GREAT friends and so easy to have fun with. Last weekend we went to the Irvine Park Railroad together ( I will post pics soon). Tonight they came over for Taco Soup ..and ...well from the pics you know what else happened!!!


Tawny said...

What a fun dinner date! I love when they are at homes because it is so easy to entertain the kids...and parent apparently! I really want the Wii and i HATE HATE HATE video games, but this console is the exception:)

Krischelle and Jacob said...

awesome! it sure looked fun! jacob and I bought a wii fit the other night... it's still in the package... i dunno if we'll even use

Brad and Danielle said...

What a fun play/dinner date! Lucy and Braden are so cute! And getting so big, it's unbelievable!

We really miss you guys. Any chance Brad and I could stop by sometime? We will even bring dinner, as an incentive. :) I have been dying to see your new place! From all the pictures, it looks beautiful!

Hope you and your cute little family are doing well (and are healthy again).

Buckeyemom said...

I've got to get the Wii Fit....Looks like so much fun...probably have a heart attack on the spot....Right now I am loving rocking out on Guitar Hero....I love the drums!

Lucy is just too cute!

Darci said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun!!! The kids are super cute together.

Grant and Alyssa said...

You are so sweet...Not to mention a big ego booster! Can we hang out more often?...Haha! Thanks for always leaving the sweetest comments and making me feel great. :)

Jessica said...

Wii fit is always a fun time :)

Crystal and Kyle said...

great job on the nursing cover! I love the fabric.


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