Friday, November 20, 2009

Going to the Chapel!

My good friend Jen from college got married!!! I was in her wedding and it was SUCH a blast. There are a ton of pictures on my Facebook, but here are some of the ones I was able to get. Some are not that good of quality, but you get the picture! Congratulations Jen!!!
Getting her hair did!
Me attempting to get a picture of my hair.
Jen's mom helping her get ready.
The wedding was November 7th, and did she not have the most PERFECT colors??

First time seeing each other....

Troy took this one outside of the church where she got married and everyone seems to love I added it in :)


STEPH said... look A.MAZ.ING! You are one HOT mama!

KFuj said...

you look amazing is this photo. I love the color of the dress with the flowers, and your hair looks great!!


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