Friday, November 20, 2009

Sea World with the Sullivan's

Last weekend we went with my friend Stephanie and her family to Sea World. It was SO much fun, a perfect day, perfect weather and not the least bit crowded. Here are some pictures of our fun!
Michael and Wiley and the sea stars.
Lucy and Troy doing the same!

Stephanie, Wiley and Audrey. ( adorable aren't they?)
Do you love how Lucy is totally diving in to touch the bat rays, and Audrey is very apprehensive!
Love this picture!

Lucy and Wiley playing. ( sad about the glare though )
All the kids running with Steph.

Trying to take a picture of the girls....

The only picture of me....Dang I need to get more!
I love how the girls are holding hands! What a great day!


STEPH said...

That was such a fun day! So fun, that I won't even hold it against you for spelling Wylie's name wrong :)
Hope you guys have an awesome Thanksgiving! Talk to you when we get back to NM!

Troy, Sarah and Lucy Sherman said...

argh!!!! oops!

Darci said...

We really need to go there it looks like so much fun! Love Lucy in pigtails!


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